The Certified Nurse Assistant is an invaluable healthcare worker. They help make the patients/residents feel more comfortable in healthcare facilities. They check the vital signs and help registered nurses monitor the health of their skin. When a patient stays in bed for a long time, they are at risk for developing harmful skin conditions known as pressure ulcers. The CAN’s help a lot in preventing those by assisting patients to reposition in bed and assessing their condition. They assist with their patient’s/resident’s bedside needs which helps keep their sense of dignity and respect intact. They also assist with various activities of daily living including activities related to ambulation and hygiene. The CNA helps a lot in keeping the rehabilitation program of a patient on track. They are their companions on their journey of getting better.

CNA’s work in different acuity settings. They can work in acute settings such as the hospitals, in nursing home facilities, and rehabilitation facilities as well as in-home health settings.

Based on research done by indeed.com, Certified Nurse Assistants have an average salary of $22.02/hour in California.


Some hospitals provide education benefits where they help you pay for your tuition in becoming a Licensed Vocational Nurse or may also pay for your acquisition of an associate degree or bachelor’s degree in nursing.

We offer a fun, hands-on training experience in our fully equipped facility with a course that can be completed in just 22 days. 9 days will be spent in classroom lecture and 13 days will be spent in a clinical setting. Upon completion of the program and your passing of the Certified Nurse Assistant test at a valid California Department of Public Health testing facility, we will assist you with finding employment by setting up an interview with one of the facilities we are partnered with who may reimburse your tuition fee upon signing a contract of employment for at least a year.

Our registration fee is $230 which includes Livescan finger printing, a physical exam and TB testing. The tuition fee is only $1900. The total cost of the program is $2130.