Recruitment and Job Placement

Recruitment and Job Placement

We assist in helping international nurses secure legitimate employment with our client nurse employers (Long term acute facilities, Skill Nursing Facilities, Hospitals and Nurse Registry and Urgent care providers.)


Orientation and Training will be provided at the skills lab prior to the deployment to make the transition easier and comfortable for the RNS.

We will be assisting as well on locating apartments, plane ticket purchase and airport pick up.


We charge an admin fee of $270 dollars to help with mailing and processing expenses upon receipt of notice of action on thepetition. This means the USCIS had already received your application and is now evaluating your credentials.(Non-refundable)

We do not guarantee approval.

The approval would come from the US immigration (USCIS) upon their determination that your qualifications and experience is congruent for the position applied with the petitioner.

Recruitment Fees or lawyers' fee are based on the employer you choose from our list of clients.

Any payments made after the petition had been filed are non-refundable.

Lawyer fees are paid directly to the lawyer of your choice. We will provide you of a list of reputable immigration lawyers, but we do not have any personal or business association with them.

Fill out the application form below:

Application Form


  • 2 years experience on medsurge ,tele, ICU, ER
  • BSN Diploma
  • Resume
  • Proof of passing NCLEX or CGFNS
  • Certificate of employment
  • TSE or TOEFLE proof of passing
  • Copy of RN License
  • Passport
  • Actively employed